Flannel Archer

ImageHey all! I’ve been trying to do some stash-busting recently, and found this lightweight black and white flannel at the very bottom of my cabinet that I had never quite gotten around to using. So last week, I took my third stab (ahem) at the Archer shirt from Grainline Patterns, and I’m happy to say that this time around it was a success!

ImageMy two past attempts at making the Archer weren’t necessarily unsuccessful, they were just too big. I cut them at a size 8, and convinced myself after my first make that it was supposed to be kind of a loose, not fitted shirt, and that it being maybe a little too large was all in my head. So like a dummy I went and cut another one out of chambray and sewed that one up too. Well, the chambray button-up gets worn sommmeetimmmeess but mostly just sits around in my closet, unloved and unused. So this time around I decided to go down a size and see what happened, and to my delight I think it’s a great improvement! The shirt is definitely supposed to be loose fitting  and comfy, which it still totally is, but cutting it at the right size definitely makes a difference (surprising no one).

ImageHaving the flannel fabric also gave me a chance to do some fun stuff with how I cut it! Like cutting this yoke one the bias and…

Image… cutting the pockets on the bias as well! I think little touches like these are super fun, and I’m trying to have more of them in my sewing.

As far as the pattern itself goes, everything lined up nicely and the instructions are pretty solid. There’s a small confusing bit when you’re attaching the collar stand to the shirt, but luckily Jen has a great sew along on her website that reallyyyyy helps make things clear, especially if you’re a visual learner like me.

Image(Had to include at least one of the many stupid dumb poses I made when photographing myself. There has got to be some trick to not looking stupid or feeling silly when taking these pictures that all of you other awesome bloggers out there have already mastered, and I just have yet to crack.)

I am really loving my flannel Archer now, and am glad I got it done while things are still at least a little bit cool down here in Texas! Soon it will be too hot for anything other than a summer dress or shorts and a tank top, so I gotta wear this business while I have the chance.




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