Plantain Cardigan

So I may have mentioned my love for the Plantain pattern in my last post, but Teresa over at Dandelion Drift took it a step further with her cardigan version, and I knew I had to make one for myself. So I did!


This might actually be my favorite thing I have ever made. I think I reallyyyy just love cardigans. I pretty much mimicked exactly what Teresa does for her cardigan (extend the sleeves and the shirt hem by a few inches). I think the only difference is that I made a long neckband to finish the front.


Holy cow I love this cardigan. The fabric is an “Aztec print” sweater jersey knit from Mood Fabrics, and man am I fan. It’s really cozy and warm, great for the chilly evenings we’ve been having (although our chilly evenings are coming to a close here in the South). I get really nervous around fabrics labeled “Aztec” or “Native” or any kind of “Ethnic”. There’s all kinds of weird feelings surrounding popular appropriation and mass commercialization of another culture. I really dig this pattern, but you definitely won’t see me stomping around Austin in a Native American headdress that costs $60 at Urban Outfitters. Weird. Feelings.


But look!! You can kind of see in this picture how I tried to match up the side seams! This was mostly a success, although just because of how intricate the design is it’s obviously not going to be perfect. But almost!!


God what am I even doing, I am obviously still such a newbie at this selfie thing. I sewed most of this thing on my serger, but just hemmed the bottom and the sleeve with two long straight stitches on my regular machine with a walking foot and a ballpoint needle. Does anybody else use a walking foot for sewing knits? I’ve found that it really helps, mostly cause I’m no good at applying even stretch/pressure with my hands as I feed a knit through the machine.


I’m also rockin’ one of my favorite recent jewelry purchases. I’m not much for jewelry normally but this necklace!! It feels like my magical girl transformation stone. I got it at the Renegade Craft Fair during SXSW, and I have been wearing it more days than not ever since. I’ve totally lost the card that came with it, otherwise I’d link out to the Etsy store of the seller! Here’s hoping she’s at the Blue Genie Art Bizarre later in the year, because this necklace you guys.


7 thoughts on “Plantain Cardigan

  1. It looks really good! I love cardigans as well, wear them nearly every day. I always use my walking foot when I sew knits on my sewing machine, really makes a difference.

  2. Your cardigan looks fabulous! I haven’t made the Plantain yet because I don’t think the fit would be all that flattering on me, but I really like how it looks as a cardigan.

    I hear you on feeling uncomfortable using products that scream of cultural appropriation – like the “Ethnic fabrics” collection at Joann’s, which seriously squicks me out. But dammit it if some of those fabrics aren’t really pretty! It is a really tricky subject, and something that is worth thinking about.

    • Thanks! Yeah I definitely recommend modifying it if you get a chance, it’s super comfy and also the pattern is free and that’s always nice 🙂

      Yeah I haven’t come to a comfortable place about the “ethnic” thing. I like the look but not the inauthenticity? I feel slightly better when things aren’t referencing currently existing culture, like Comanche, or things like that. But still. Lots of weird territory there.

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