Lime Rust Plantain

Woah! Took a bit of a break from my blogging for a little while – not because I haven’t been sewing, but because getting access to a camera and finding some time to take pictures has been surprisingly difficult. But! Now I have a camera of my own, and I am going to get back into this blogging business.



This is actually the fourth or fifth version of the Deer & Doe Plantain shirt that I’ve made, but it is by far the most outrageous. I mean, that print! It’s a knit fabric I got on clearance from, and the picture on the website makes it look a lotttttt more subdued than it really is in real life. But I thought a crazy fabric like this might work well with a simple pattern like the Plantain, so here we are now. The fabric is… growing on me, I think. It’s pretty soft at least! I’m sure I’ll come around to the lime eventually, but for now when I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror I continue to be surprised about how over saturated I feel.



As for that pattern itself, I LOVE it. It’s so simple to make, really a great project for anybody who’s nervous to start working with knits. I think I spent maybe an hour on the whole thing, start to finish! I sewed most of this up on my serger, but you really don’t need one for this project. I cut out a size small and it fits right out of the box. The scoop neck hits me at just the right height and the flair in the hips keeps it from being too snug and riding up like those $8 Target shirts tend to. And this pattern has really helped me overcome my knit-phobia.

I’ve sewn so much stuff in the last few months and I’ve got a ton more to blog about, but that’ll be all for now. Has anybody else found as much success with the Plantain as I have?


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