New Year, New Blog!

Alright, happy new year everybody!

I’ve been sewing for a while now, and the start of a new year seemed like as good a time as any to take all the things I’ve made and put them on the blogosphere. So hello! I’ve never been particularly good at blogging, I tend to be more of a passive consumer of internet things than an active contributor. But here’s to trying!


Technically I made this in 2013 (and I think I’ll probably retro-post some other things from 2013 as I get this blog going) but I made it specifically for New Year’s Eve and it helped me usher in 2014, so it seems fitting to get things going with this.

newyearsdress_ 2

Apologies in advance for the weird quality of the pictures! I’m borrowing my boyfriend’s camera and tripod, and I haven’t quite gotten the hang of photographing myself or the garments yet. I’ll get there, I promise!

newyearsdress_ 5

We spent New Year’s Eve at a party at local Austin brewery Hops & Grain. The theme was “a Black and White Affair”, and I had this awesome black fabric with white Xs embroidered on it that I got at Denver Fabrics just sitting in my stash, as well as the Colette Sewing Handbook my family gave me for Christmas. The Truffle dress in the book looked so so cute and I couldn’t NOT make something!

newyearsdress_ 1

The only problem was the hip measurement – I’m a curvy lady and the snug skirt of the Truffle dress just didn’t want to cooperate with my hips. I cut the dress at a size 4, which actually ended up being perfect for the bodice but too small for the skirt. Should have graded it up, but ohhhhhhh welllllllll. I ended up just inserting some triangle panels on either side, which worked just fine! You can never go wrong with a fuller skirt.

newyearsdress_ 3

Probably should have taken a closer up picture of the fabric so you can see how great the embroidery is. You can kind of see it here maybe?? Ahhhh I love it though, the little Xs are so cute!

newyearsdress_ 6

Overall I am super happy with my dress and am currently looking for any excuse to get a little fancy so I can wear it more often.

So there it is, my first blog post. I promise I’ll get better at this! I’ve been sewing a ton so there’s a lot of stuff in the backlog, the real problem is motivating myself to go out and photograph them. But it is going to happen!!

Ok that’s it! Thanks for reading, see you later!