Flannel Negroni


Kyle’s birthday was at the beginning of December, and even though it might not get very cold in Texas, no boy’s wardrobe is complete in Austin without the obligatory flannel shirt!


I used the much-loved Negroni pattern by Colette (man I seem to be making a lot of stuff from Colette, I promise I make things from other pattern-makers too). I was amazed that this fit pretty much perfectly without any alterations! I used a warm flannel from Joann’s, although I got a little frustrated with how easy it frayed and how hard it was to unpick stitches. But oh well! I’m pretty pleased with how it came out, and I think Kyle is too.


I found these great vintage pearl buttons at the Stitch Lab here in Autsin, and I think they give a nice subtle bit of flair to the shirt as a whole. Obviously I didn’t even attempt any plaid-matching here, but it doesn’t really bother me. Maybe next time!

flannel_negroni_4The cuffs on this pattern gave me a little bit of trouble, but I don’t think you can super tell and Kyle normally rolls up his leaves anyway.

So after this I was planning to make my dog Thomas a sweater, since it actually does get cold here sometimes and he’s got very short fur. And then Kyle had the genius idea to do this!!


THAT’S RIGHT, THEY MATCH. I would again like to emphasize that this was all Kyle’s idea, I just made it happen.

flannel_negroni_9Yeah this might be my favorite picture of all time now.

flannel_negroni_10For Thomas’s sweater I just traced a dog costume he already has onto some brown paper bags, and then with some minor alterations whipped this up in about an hour. Overall, huge success!

flannel_negroni_11Now both my dog and my boyfriend are ready for the winter, or at least for what passes as winter here. Now I really just gotta find more excuses to get pictures of them together, because I will never not be excited about them matching! I know it’s kind of cheesey but I have ~*~no regrets~*~!